Veterans Airlift Command has recognized
the Chairman of Mortgage Investors Corporation as
largest donor in VAC history

(September 20, 2010, St. Petersburg FL) - Veterans Airlift Command has recognized the Chairman of Mortgage Investors Corporation as the largest donor to the non-profit veteran support agency.

The Veterans Airlift Command provides free air transportation to wounded warriors, veterans and their families for medical and other compassionate purposes through a national network of volunteer aircraft owners and pilots. The VAC serves veterans of Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) as well as veterans of other conflicts as capacity allows. 

"Through monetary donations and use of his private aircraft, he has supported the Veterans Airlift Command at a level unprecedented by other donors," said Walt Fricke, founder of the organization.  "His support for our organization has enabled us to assist countless veterans in our mission and we salute him."

A decorated Marine Corp. veteran, the Chairman of Mortgage Investors Corporation is an entrepreneur who serves on the advisory board of many philanthropic organizations including the Veterans Airlift Command.  He is active in numerous local, regional and national community and charitable organizations, including the U.S. Central Command Memorial Foundation, All Children's Hospital Foundation, MusiCare Foundations, Edwards Family Foundation, Association for the Cure of Cancer of the Prostate (CaP CURE), among others.

He is also Chairman of Mortgage Investor Corporation a company founded in 1938 for the sole purpose of serving American homeowners. A proud member of the Mortgage Bankers Association, Mortgage Investor Corporation has been approved as a mortgage lender by the Federal Housing Administration and the Veterans Administration.  Its experience and expertise has resulted in more than 300,000 satisfied veterans and more than $30 billion dollars in loans in the last 15 years alone. Mortgage Investors Corporation is proud to be the recognized leader in VA home loan origination and to have been able to help hundreds of thousands of American soldiers make home ownership a reality. 




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